• Testing Services

    Metal Roof / Metal Wall Panels, Clay & Concrete, Connection, Material, Salt Spray, Field Testing,…

  • Engineering Services

    Professional Engineering, Steel Design, Wind Load Analysis, Load Span Tables, Test Data Analysis, Roof Purlins,…

  • Inspection / Auditing

    IAS AC472 ICC AC10 ICC ES-1 Reports Florida Product Approval QC Audit  


Farabaugh Engineering and Testing

Welcome to Farabaugh Engineering and Testing. FET is a full service laboratory and engineering firm dedicated to provide quality testing and services to all industries. With a focus on the construction industry, FET provides testing for a variety of products such as metal roofing, clay tiles, windows, etc. Our testing services include TDI – Texas Department of Insurance, Miami Dade County, and Florida Product approvals to name a few. We offer testing services for AAMA, ASTM, FM, TAS, Salt Spray, UL and much more.