Inspection / Auditing

Farabaugh Engineering and Testing offers inspection and auditing services for a wide variety of industries.  A few of the industries that we work with include metal roofing and construction, commercial and residential roofing, home building projects, clay and slate tiles, and even metal buildings. For information on any of our services, call our office today at 412-751-4001.

FET is a certified third party inspection agent for the IAS - International Accreditation Service.  We offer third party auditing services for AC-472, AC-473, and now AC-478.  All three audits are for the quality program for the metal building industry.  AC-472 focuses on quality, process and product for metal buildings.  AC-473 focuses on the components for the metal building industry including metal roof and wall panels and insulated panels.  AC-478 is the newest audit and focuses on the erection of a metal building including construction and assembly.

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